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February 13, 2006


Tarun Singhal

As a regular traveller in and out of the United Kingdom I thought you would like to know
about the latest Iris Recognition Immigration System (IRIS) introduced to offer
travellers a much more efficient and convenient way to clear immigration at
major UK airports.

This new process is a safe, secure and an accurate way of verifying your
identity. It also reduces the time spent waiting in long immigration queues.
You can enrol at Terminals 2 and 4 at London Heathrow by completing a simple
enrolment process in the departure lounge before leaving the UK. An Immigration
Officer will record your personal data into a secure database and a photograph
is taken of your iris patterns. This is just as safe as taking a normal
photograph and the entire process usually only takes five minutes.

On returning to the UK as an IRIS registered customer you can proceed to an
automated barrier at immigration control and look into an iris recognition
camera. Provided the iris details are the same as those held in the database,
the barrier will admit you into the UK.

For more information on IRIS visit www.Iris.gov.uk

Hope this helps!!


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